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We Shangyu Chidai knitting Co., Ltd.,establish on will it be March 1996, one Sino- foreign joint venture. Have full-automatic glove machine 583 that Japan guide , specialize in 9 pure silk floss all kinds of, wash silk floss and some different gloves of" - 11", Having 4,500,000 production capacity harvested of glove of labour protection of annual output, the products quality is easy to be superior, 100% is sold to American-European countries.
  Company's address:Fenghui town,Shangyu city,Zhejiang,China Lie in railway, highway mid point, Ing of Hangzhou,, from 70 KM, airport of Hangzhou,, 60 KMs, airport of Ningbo,; Close to Shanghai port, port of Ningbo, transport the goods may reach in quite a while, The traffic is extremely convenient .
  Company President and concurrently president Liang zhi jian hard soil hearty to welcome domestic foreign businessman friend you're welcome to, Congratulate old and new customers have brisk business, everything turns out as you wish!  

Master: jianshi Liang   
Add:Fenghui Township,shangyu city,Zhejiang Province,China


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